Chapter 5

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Have you already played Clone Drone in the Danger Zone? The story tells you how robots organized a tournaments against a man trapped in a droid’s body. They want to prove that robots are a superior form of life because they are driven purely by intelligence which works much faster than that of a regular person, and even if a human being is put into a metal shell, with all its physical advantages, they won’t be able to beat a real robot. The whole thing is aired on TV, thousands of people are watching. You just can’t let the human race down! Your only chance to save the mankind and get out of this deadly show is to kill every robot on the arena. Will you be able to do it? Let’s find out!

The matches are set up in waves, each containing ever more powerful and numerous enemies to defeat. But you are no slacker either. You can upgrade your droid to be more efficient as a fighter – improve your characteristics, arm yourself with new, more advanced kinds of weapons. That goes on until you die – or remain the last man, or rather robot, standing. In the end you run away from the arena and finally get a chance to start a new life.

The game is very spectacular and dynamic, with good physics and system of injuries. The graphics is rather simple, but it’s enough to get you fully involved in the process. Everything happens very fast, enemies rush from everywhere, swords flash and lasers blink, chopped off limbs fall to the arena floor and your life is at mortal danger every second. However, you can still get out of the fix even if you’re killed – if you care to build your clone from spare parts awarded after each victory. This drone will keep fighting in your place and there is still a chance the scales will tip in your favor, especially if there are not so many opponents left on the battlefield.

Although the action is rather furious, it actually looks fun and entertaining. You don’t get any negative tension, only thrilling emotions. This game is definitely a nice way to unwind after a stressful day enjoying the high-paced battles and the colorful visuals. You can do it online on our site! Plunge into the fascinating world of Clone Drone in the Danger Zone and prove that you’re the strongest robot on the arena!