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The future, when the world will be ruled by robots, is just around the corner. Actually, this is occurring right now, we just do not notice it. And when this happens, what will be the role of us, the people? Will we be able to prove that we are in no way inferior to iron muscles and artificial intelligence, even if for the sake of this we have to engage in battle with robots? The exciting game Clone Drone in the Danger Zone will give you the opportunity to defend the honor of the human race!

In this fighting you will play the role of a man enclosed in a metal frame. You will have all the functions of a robot – lightning-fast reaction, the ability to run quick and jump high and, of course, the most modern weapons. But at the same time, it is you, man, who will lead the battle and take tactical decisions. Your task is to outwit and defeat the rest of the robots, which will become more and more advanced and more dangerous. Can you withstand several waves in a row and not fall down on the battlefield? Let’s find out!

Your capabilities are wide enough – you can not only use the whole arsenal of your mechanical functions, but also improve your robot with various upgrades. You can increase the strength and speed of attack, make the iron shell more durable, add the ability to deflect projectiles in a certain radius. In addition, you can change weapons and improve them too. At first you will have a plasma sword – quite effective, but your opponents equipped with firearms will have an advantage against you. Therefore, you can also furnish your drone with a laser bow or throw fireballs. Of course, you need to take into account your style of combat and the situation in the arena.

Speaking of arenas. They themselves are very dangerous. You will be caught offguard by sudden traps, spikes protruding from the floor, machine gunners will lurk in the towers. Any second, one careless step can lead you to death. Of course, you can use all this to your advantage by luring your opponent to the disastrous section of the arena. But even if you decide to try and do so, do not forget that it might turn agains you. Clone Drone in the Danger Zone will surprise you with many more amazing gameplay features! Launch the game online and rush into the battle!