Clone Drone in the Danger Zone 3

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Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a fascinating and quite unusual fighting where you are about to grab a laser sword and step into the arena in a robot’s body to proclaim war to all the other robots out there. The gameplay is pretty simple, you have one clear goal – remaining the only one alive on the battlefield. Then, just like in the times of the Ancient Rome, you can win your longed-for ticket to freedom… But don’t expect that it’s going to be that simple! So there you are, a shiny metal thing standing in the center of the illuminated circle, waiting for the fight to begin. The enemies will rush in waves. There are different kinds of them, wielding different weapons and possessing unique abilities, so you are going to pick the right tactics for each kind of your opponents. Since the action unfolds in real time and quite intensely, you won’t be able to just stop and think what to do next. You’ll need to take decisions on the go and the only way to find out whether they are right or wrong is to act out straight and learn from your mistakes.

The arenas themselves are also pretty dangerous: there are various types of obstacles, chainsaws threatening to cut off your most functional parts and towers bombarding everyone in their range. Dying from something like that when there is just one enemy left can be very frustrating. But don’t give up – you can still change the outcome if you have a clone drone. This exact copy of you will end the battle for you, hopefully in your favor. To take advantage of this option, though, you need to collected the required spare parts first.

Those are awarded for your victories. At the end of each wave, you’ll have a short break to repair and upgrade yourself. The game features a wide range of weapons to choose from – swords, hammers, bows… Each also has several options to activate – for instance, you can increase the weapon’s battery charge or add a damage repelling function. However, don’t think that alone will give you any critical edge – your enemies will get stronger as well. Will you be able to cope with all the challenges and become the absolute champion? Play Clone Drone in the Danger Zone online and find out!