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Games about robots will hardly surprise anyone today. But Clone Drone in the Danger Zone has definitely succeeded in that! At first glance, this is an ordinary fighting game, but as soon as you start playing, you understand that there are a lot of fresh features here. The setting in which you have to get is the distant future, in which robots have become the same habitual form of life as we humans. Our species even collaborated to come up with joint entertainment – bots fights, in whose bodies human souls are enclosed. It is not known with the help of which technology this became possible, but this television show quickly gained popularity. Now you are also one of the participants and soon you will have to find out what it is like to be on the other side of the screen, not among the spectators, but among those fighting in the arena!

The whole process is organized very colorfully and dynamically, the action takes place in various arenas with a bunch of obstacles that complicate the player’s task. While the robots are fighting, the audience cheers in the stands, giving you the motivation to win. There are even special robots that comment on events. You will not just smile, listening to their remarks. In addition, they represent each opponent entering the ring, so that you will have the opportunity to learn something about your enemy and use his weaknesses against him. So be sure to play Clone Drone in the Danger Zone with the sound on!

Watching what is happening is also very interesting. Graphics and animation on top, especially spectacular look like severed limbs of bots and heads flying away from their bodies. You can strike a beautiful blow in a jump by chopping the enemy almost in half. Physics of damage is also very realistic: blows to different parts of the body cause different damage. In addition, the strength of the attack depends on how well you ran, how high you jumped, and so on.

As for weapons, there are also several options. First, they will give you a sword, but not an ordinary one, but a plasma one. So you can easily cut even a thick layer of metal. Then you can change it to the bow, shooting energy charges, and then to the hammer, causing maximum damage. There are also special abilities – throwing a fireball and deflecting arrows – but in order to open them you first have to go through more than one wave of rivals.

By the way, these waves will become more massive and more deadly. First, the same simple bots will come out against you, just like you. But as you pump between rounds, the opponents will also become more powerful. There are several types of them – to see who you are dealing with, look at the color. The brighter the coloring of the robot, the stronger it is. This will help you quickly navigate the situation, deciding which enemies to kill first.

And finally, the main feature of the gameplay – you can create your own clone, which will continue the fight started if you break down. Although this can save you in a critical situation, you should not rely on a clone alone, you need to competently swing your parameters and skills. Exciting Clone Drone in the Danger Zone battles await you online!