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If you are fascinated with robot fights, this game is just for you! Clone Drone in the Danger Zone will invite you to test your strength and agility in a cruel arena where robots fight each other to entertain the crowd. The unique thing about this concept is that you are a human being, upgraded with a mechanic body. Now you can use all of the advantages of the robot shell, but the victory will still depend on your flexible human mind capable of taking unexpected decisions in the last minute in unblocked version.

The main part of the action unfolds in the arena and everything that happens there is committed by two referee robots. All this is filmed and aired on the TV. You’re going to have a lot of fun listening to how the commentators express their frustration about a human getting through another fight. And they will also give you some useful information on your opponents describing who’s stepping into the battlefield.

There is not much of a story component, but you still can make out some details about this futuristic world. For example, each robot that is set up against you is actually just as human inside as you are. In the upgrade room, you’ll even find a panel where you can see their names and age. They even have a favorite color! The color of the opponent indicates their class and weapon. There are swordsmen, archers, hammerers and spider bots. Each is more powerful than the previous, so you need to be really careful when coming across a certain type considering their attack style and weak spots to pick the right tactics.

You, too, can upgrade yourself during the breaks. There are plenty of opportunities for you to increase your performance. You can choose a new, more effective weapon, learn new skills like deflecting arrows or throwing plasma balls and improve your general characteristics. The handiest skill, though, is to create a clone that will pick up your fight in case you’re struck down. Your ultimate goal is to beat all the enemies on the arena and run away to lead a free life. Can you do that? Play Clone Drone in the Danger Zone online and find out!