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Have you ever thought that a clone of yours may actually save your life? At least, in Clone Drone in the Danger Zone it definitely can! There is a mortal fight awaiting you just round the corner and your only hope to survive in it is to rely on the robotic technologies of the future. Those capable of turning a mere man’s body into a powerful weapon by placing it into a mechanic container and equipping you with all possible battle functions. Now you need to prove what you’re worth in a danger-soaked arena where you’ll be set up against other robots like you to fight for your life. There can be only one winner and let’s just hope it’s you!

The game has two modes. The first one tells some sort of a story challenging you to defeat the rest of the drones and get out of the battlefield with the help of your fans. In this mode, you will proceed through the championship fighting ever stronger rivals and leveling up. There are several skill trees that you can evolve. Each weapon also has its own characteristics and special abilities that can give you quite an edge over everyone else in the arena.

However, your enemies will also upgrade from level to level. You’ll start seeing more advanced and furious of their varieties that require a different tactical approach. The toughest are spider bots, look out when they’re any close! This is just a tiny part of the gameplay that can’t describe the whole thrill and fun of Clone Drone in the Danger Zone. Play it online and find out more on your own!