Clone Drone in the Danger Zone 2

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How do you think reality shows will look like in the distant future? Perhaps our far descendants will prefer to watch robots rather than people on their TV screens? Clone Drone in the Danger Zone 2 offers its own take on what that might be. You are about to participate in a bloody droid massacre observed by thousands of viewers all over the world. Wait, bloody isn’t an appropriate word – the floor of this arena is strewn with gears rather than ripped out bowels… And that’s why it’s fun and relaxing rather than grim and tense.

The game doesn’t offer any brand new features, but isn’t like any other fighting out there. You start out as a drone armed with a light sword. Your mission is to defeat all other robots in the arena. But this is no piece of cake. Aside from the fact that all drones are different, with unique skills, the arenas themselves are also pretty dangerous.

Take control of the drone and rush into the fight! Every move of yours is going to be commented by referee drones and it’s going to be very fun. However, don’t get too distracted – your agility and tactical choices are of the essence. The arenas are composed of platforms from which you can easily fall and then it will be game over for you. So you have to not just watch your enemies, but also watch your step.

Your opponents will be either equal in strength or stronger, so don’t hope for any slack. On the other hand, having defeated a more upgraded fellow, you’ll be able to upgrade yourself. After each successful outcome you can either improve your parameters or learn a special ability. You will jump ever higher and further, hit ever harder. Your weapon can also be changed, but to get hold of a new cool sword, you’re going to beat dozens of enemies first. There are also additional perks like throwing a fire ball, but using it isn’t always convenient. It’s much easier to catch the opponent in a jump and slash him with a plasma blade.

The destruction happens very colorfully and there is a camera to take a snap of the most spectacular moments. You can cleave your enemies with a sword, crash them with a hammer, make sniper’s headshots from a bow, blow them up with a grenade and much more! The game has two modes – in the story mode, you fight on the gladiator’s arena with gradually complicating missions, while in the endless mode you try to beat your own record. There are also challenges – by completing them, you can gain access to new, even cooler improvements. Join Clone Drone in the Danger Zone online and do everything in your power to win!