Clone Drone in the Danger Zone 2020

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Few people would expect to face a robot in a fight and survive. But you have no other choice. Defeating every bot in the reality show arena of Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is your only ticket to freedom. So don’t lose a single second, the battle is about to begin!

The game is much like a classic fighting, but due to the fact that the warriors are robots, there are some peculiar features making it exclusive and fresh. For instance, you can improve your parameters and skills between the rounds using spare parts awarded for victories. The weapons are also different from what you might expect – they are a mix of medieval swords, bows and hammers and contemporary technologies. Swords are laser-based to chop with mortal precision and maximum damage. Instead of shooting mere arrows, the bow shoots plasma ones.

Besides, you can also build a clone drone that will take your place in case the battle doesn’t end that successfully for you. While the clone is in the area, capable of fighting, you still have chances to change the outcome. This ability is very important, you need to unlock it as soon as possible.

As you upgrade, your enemies won’t just wait for it to happen either. With every wave, you will encounter stronger and stronger opponents. The setting will also become more sophisticated and threatening. You’ll have to jump between the platforms soaring over the abyss, dodge from projectiles shot from towers that attack everyone occurring in their range, maneuver between chainsaws that can easily cut off your leg and make you less agile.

By the way, limbs get cut here often. This looks very spectacular: with one accurate move, in a powerful jump, you can slash your enemy in half, just like in some sci-fi blockbuster. After the combat, the arena is covered with hands and legs separated from robot bodies, occasionally someone’s head and plenty of gears scattered all over the place. The whole action is commented by funny referee bots, so you definitely won’t get bored playing Clone Drone in the Danger Zone online!