Clone Drone in the Danger Zone 6

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Do you think you can handle an unruly hordes of robots waiting to chop off your metal head and give your wire guts some air? Clone Drone in the Danger Zone will give you chance to find that out! This addicting futuristic fighting is some sort of a gladiator’s arena, only for bots. And you are one of them. All you have to protect yourself with is a light sword. But with time, as you survive attack after attack and collect spare parts necessary for an upgrade, you’ll be able to improve your odds with a more powerful weapon and a clone that will step up for you if you’re down. High-paced action, dangerous arenas that grow ever trickier, amazing graphics and battle physics won’t let you tear your eyes off your smartphone screen even for a second! The number and level of your enemies will increase with every new wave, so prepare for a hardcore massacre. Tactics is highly important since all of your opponents have different skills and combat styles. Aside from the story mode where you have to defeat everyone and make your way out of the arena, there is an achievement mode allowing you to practice striving to set the highest score possible. With Clone Drone in the Danger Zone, you’re sure to have a wonderful time in new chapter 6!