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If you are fascinated with droids and technofuture scenarios, you’ll definitely be thrilled with Clone Drone in the Danger Zone? In this game you are a man whose mind was moved to the body of a robot and who enter the battle arena to show what you’re worth. It’s all some kind of a reality show watched by people all over the world. And you only way to break out of it is to reach the top of the league and to win the final death match. So, accompanied by the roar of the cheering crowd and the replicas of the commentator, you set off for your daring mission.

At first, it might seem all robots are pretty much the same and differ from you only in color. But that’s not quite so, because each of them has its own classification. As you encounter new opponents and learn more about them, you notice various peculiarities. At the beginning you’ll only have a sword and that’s it, and so will your opponents. They attack you in waves and each wave is more powerful than the previous. If you withstood it, you can upgrade your robot with a new weapon. For instance, a laser bow. Each weapon can be improved with special characteristics – say, more battery power or repelling arrows over a larger radius. But don’t expect your enemies to just get stuck while you evolve. By the next round, they will already reinforce their troops with new technologies.

The action will grow ever more intense: upgraded warriors and archers, spider robots and extrastrong bosses won’t give you even a second to pull your head together. After several waves, you can barely make out anything in the motley robot crowd, it’s all chopping and slashing, parts of the body are cut off, once and again someone explode in a swarm of scintillating pixels… In a turmoil like that, you must really think on the move. So The easiest way to decide how to act around an opponent is to look at their color. The brighter it is the more powerful and dangerous is the robot. You’d better be careful not to let them close and get rid of them at the first opportunity, otherwise chances are high your iron head will remain on the area, bolted down to the wall. The setting will also offer more room for tactical maneuvers, but at the same time one false move may cost you your life – the maps will become trickier, new obstacles will appear, including various towers and circular saws. The final battle will totally blow your mind! So good luck conquering the ‘Coliseum’ of the distant future playing Clone Drone in the Danger Zone online!